Crusade Choir Programs    
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    Year   Easter   Christmas    
    2019       Celtic Christmas    
    2018       Season of Joy    
    2017   Evidence of Grace   Season of Joy    
    2016   Gospel Mass   Comfort and Joy    
    2015   I Will Rise   Hallelujah, Light Has Come    
    2014   Help Is On The Way   Hallelujah, Light Has Come    
    2013   He's Alive Forever   Hallelujah, Light Has Come    
    2012   East to West   Child of Wonder    
    2011   Evidence of Grace   Child of Wonder    
    2010   East to West   Joy Joy Joy    
    2009   I've Seen Jesus- Encountering the Risen Christ   Joy Joy Joy    
    2008   Eyes of Faith   Christmas Is Forever    
    2007   Believe   Christmas Is Forever    
    2006   How Great Is Our God   Comfort and Joy    
    2005   One Holy Lamb   Comfort and Joy    
    2004   Eyes of Faith   I Have Seen The Light    
    2003   Three Days   A 1940's Christmas Homecoming    
    2002   The Journey   A Christmas Invitation: Come Just As You Are    
    2001   Every Tongue Confess   Welcome to Our World    
    2000   Alone on the Altar: Calvary's Lamb   A Light Still Shines    
    1999   Who Do You Say I Am   The Gift Of Christmas    
    1998   Love Crucified Arose   I Have Seen the Light    
    1997   I Stand In Awe   I Have Seen the Light    
    1996   He Loved Me With a Cross   Joy Came Down    
    1995   Every Tongue Confess   Season of Love    
    1994   Hope Is Alive   The Gift of Christmas    
    1993   Love Crucified Arose   The Gift    
    1992   Love Crucified Arose   Adoration in Search of A King    
    1991   Watch the Lamb   Christmas is Calling You Home    
    1990   Lest we Forget   The Kingdom Song    
    1989   Conquering Savior   The First Light    
    1988   The Power & the Glory   Everlasting Light    
    1987   The Lord's Prayer        
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